La Familia cartel leader Jose Manuel Cuevas Arias, “El Borrego”, detained

The Federal Police (Policía Federal) detained Jose Manuel Cuevas Arias, “El Borrego,”  drug cartel leader of the south zone in the state Guanajuato for the cartel organization La Familia Michoacana. He is believed to be one of four bosses in that state for the organization, which according to investigations by the Federal police is divided into four sectors. He took control after the former boss, Cristóbal Altamirano Piñón, “La Rubia,” was detained in November of last year. He was detained along with Rafael Rosales Cuevas, “El Aguacate,” and Luis Alberto Farías, “La Lore,” both considered to be leaders of “La Familia” cells in Michoacán, Celaya, Morelia and Guanajuato.

The head of the Drug Enforcement Division (División Antidrogas), Ramón Pequeño García, explained that Cuevas Arias was responsible for controlling small scale drug trade (narcomenudeo), extortion, and the execution of rival narco-groups in Celaya, Cortázar, Manuel Doblado, Villagrán, Juventino Rosas, Salvatierra, San Diego de la Unión and Salamanca. He became head of the organization in the eight municipalities last year after participating in attacks perpetuated by La Familia against the Federal Police in Michoacán.

On Tuesday, a day after his arrest, two policemen were shot dead by a group of gunmen near a public market in the municipality of Moroleón, said the state prosecutor’s office. The agents were eating breakfast at a taco shop when they were attacked around 8:30 am. The Director of Public Security in Celaya, Martín Rodríguez Olvera, said he has requested the support of state security forces, fearing aftershocks from the criminal leaders’ arrest. In the mean time municipal police reinforced the monitoring of police bases and strategically important points of the city before possible reactions by organized crime units to Cuevas Arias arrest.


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